How many people will look at trailer adverts?
At Billboards On The Move, we ensure your mobile billboard is parked off in areas of high density traffic and guaranteed to be seen. In research carried out by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) small cameras were used, which measured and captured how many people looked at a billboard message and for how long. An average of 105,000 people look at a mobile billboard message each weekday for about 3 seconds during am 2-hour period. The results were 15% higher on a weekend.
What are your turnaround and lead times?
Our lead times are 3 to 4 days from receipt of artwork.
How do you keep track of the trailers?
4. Each trailer is required to notify the field manager of their location, via SMS. At the allotted times. In the event that the trailer needs to be moved, for any reason, the driver is to notify the field manager immediately. Clients are free to contact the field manager at any time to know the whereabouts of their trailer.
What if I don’t have artwork ready for a campaign?
We can facilitate and assist in designing artwork for you, as we have a full in-house creative design team.
Can I use photographs on my trailer adverts?
Yes, and high resolution image can be used.
Where will my ads be seen?
Our services are available nationally. Clients can determine where they want their ads to be seen.
How does moving media compare to conventional billboards?
The primary difference between conventional billboards and moving media is mobility. Trailers and buses can move around, while conventional billboards don’t. Another important factor is visibility, as moving media is in your face, while conventional billboards are not. Space is a third factor, as buses and trailers can have wraparound or double sided adds while billboards concentrate on one direction.
What does advertising price include?
Rates are customised to your requirements. Call us today for a quote.
What are the advantages of mobile billboards?
  • Mobile trailer ads are extremely inexpensive relative to other media thus allowing the advertiser to attain high levels of reach and frequency at low rates
  • Mobile advertising takes the message directly to the consumers
  • Mobile trailer ads are flexible providing one with a wide variety of space and cost options, which can be used for anything from short sales promotions to being part of a long-term brand awareness campaign
  • Mobile trailers offer the opportunity to communicate with strong visual bias, an advantage, considering the high literacy levels in South Africa
  • Mobile billboards stand out from other advertising methods, and the product can therefore be distinguished from other ads.
  • Mobile billboards create impact because of their movement, sixe and prominence on the road and can go where other advertising cant. They merely have to be visible to attract attention.
  • These are substantial opportunities for creative flair, which adds to the Mobile Billboard impact factor.
  • Mobile billboards allows advertisers the opportunity to penetrate otherwise unreachable areas i.e. the urban city centres as well as suburban areas where outdoor space is limited
  • The communication between advertiser and consumers is “pure’ in that it is not cluttered by editorial stance, accompanying entertainment or the supply of information.
  • As they are eye-level with consumers, the message is communicated directly, increasing the impact of the product.
  • By changing the advertising on their trailer one can easily promote different products at different times and places. 

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